Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility is equally as important for us as making elegant products. Our goal is to develop products that are sustainable for everyone involved in the manufacturing process, as well as the person who will wear them. In our quest to develop and produce attractive, sustainable collections we focus on the following four areas.

Social Compliancy
We want our products to be made in factories with good working conditions. We are strongly against child labour and work exclusively with manufacturers who offer employees a good wage, a clean and safe working environment and reasonable working hours. We actively participate in the Business Social Compliancy Initiative (BSCI) to improve working conditions throughout our supply chain and beyond. All Profuomo suppliers are regularly inspected by independent agencies to ensure they comply with these standards.

Environmental Compliancy
Our goal is to ensure that all our products are made with respect for people and the environment. Of course, we adhere to EU standards (REACH) but as we always strive for the very best, we have already surpassed these criteria in many areas. We have compiled a list of materials and chemicals that cannot - either totally or above a certain level – be present in our products. All of our producers must adhere to this restricted substance list, and to ensure they do, our products are regularly tested by independent agencies.

Ethical Compliancy
The origins of a product are just as important as its manufacture  – especially if it’s made from a natural material like leather or wool. We aim for a totally transparent supply chain, which also takes the well-being of the animal into account.

Physical Compliancy
In addition to how our products are sourced and produced (including the social conditions in which they are manufactured), we also place a great value on the quality of our products. However, quality can only be accurately assessed once it has been clearly established what criteria the products must meet. In addition to the tests referred to above, our products are also subjected to physical tests including colour fastness, tensile strength, shrinkage and fit.

All the standards for our products and supply chain are documented in our Code of Conduct. This document represents an integral part of our strategic vision for the future.